Who does not possess the means in order to face a civil or administrative suit , that does not join at the first go to be obviously unfounded or rash, can request the judicial assistance of the State of Canton Ticino.  Demonstrating in detail and with suitable documents that the minimum of the subsistence level is not sufficiently covered with the income and possible savings, the relative demand will be able to be introduced to the judicial authorities. In the case of concession, the State of Canton Ticino will anticipate expenses and it will ask the single reimbursement only in case the assisted one comes in possession of a remarkable patrimony within ten years.  The assisted one will not have to anticipate judicial expenses, while the honorarium of the  lawyer will come second covered cantonal norms (in the Canton Ticino 70% of the honorarium). Which concerns the criminal procedures, other guidelines are applicable: in order to require an obligation defender, it does  not depend on the fact that the accused does not have sufficient financial means, but from the duration of the remand and from “importance and difficulty” of the case. On these conditions the accused has the right to require a defender of its choice (registered in the membership list of the lawyer of the Cantons). The State pays a reduced honorarium to the attorney at law.